Personal Training

Complete Custom Coaching by Santé

C3 by Santé is designed to give complete access to the expertise across all our departments so you may fully realize all your health and wellness goals.

Santé firmly believes in our “Fitness, Wellness, Balance” mantra because it is the only way to achieve consistent progress and maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle. We feel C3 by Santé’s multi-disciplinary approach will be a superior product to anything we have offered in the past and to anything being offered outside Santé as well. Our Coaches will become your trusted guide along the path toward your goals.

Been training extremely hard with your Coach the last few weeks, perhaps we suggest a 30 minute massage with one of our Therapists. Struggling to stabilize specific areas of your body, maybe we set you up with one of our Pilates Coaches. Feeling out of balance from too much stress, we’ll send you to one of our Yoga Coaches to regain your Mind-Body connection and relax. Can’t get a firm handle on your eating plan with the basic advice from your Coach, let’s have you meet with our Dietician for 30 minutes. The best part of all these examples, they are all included in the cost of your Coaching Package; NO extra sessions to purchase.

We are extremely excited about this launch so whether you call, email, or speak with us in person please ask about C3 by Santé and set up your first Wellness Check-In! No more excuses, no more uncertainty about what to do, let our Coaches get you on the correct path for you and keep you moving towards Fitness, Wellness, & Balance!