Massage and Workouts – What’s The Connection?

You workout to gain strength, stamina, relieve stress, and keep those muscles moving, right?

But did you know that while all your positive goals are being obtained, you may be denying yourself muscle breakdown, mental and physical stress relief, reconditioning, and lactic acid elimination?  It’s true that all our hard workouts can have negative effects on our bodies if we aren’t practicing proper conditioning and that’s where Massage can help.   Some examples are kneading and stretching the muscles eliminating “knots” (adhesions) and milks them of toxins and waste.  Have you ever had “crunchy” sounds shoulder muscles?  Those are adhesions that have been formed by tissue sticking to each other or to bones/tendons/cartilage.  Trigger Point Therapy (included in our Deep Tissue Massage) can return those muscles to be smooth and flexible.  What about stress created from presses, squats or curls?  Stretching over a broad section or the most minute area can provide relief and returned mobility.

Massage sessions can help eliminate many issues you have to ensure your next workout is better.  Many of my clients can attest to hitting the gym harder after a good massage a day or two before.  And after a workout or class, the relaxation will speak for itself.

In my 7th year of practice as a Missouri and Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, I incorporate a variety of techniques that can be applied based on client assessments and/or input from their trainer.  My purpose is to help you achieve your physical and mental fitness goals through massage.  Sante’ provides you a quiet, relaxing, and warm environment.  Have your own music?  Feel free to bring it (digital or CD) to enhance your experience.