Kelly Rue

Pulling from her 25+ years of experience in movement therapy, Kelly has helped 100’s of clients manage chronic medical conditions brought on by injury or illness as well as helping all her clients reach their full physical potential. Kelly has been instrumental in re-shaping the communities perspective of Pilates by being the first instructor to offer Pilates from the medical perspective. Working in conjunction with physical therapy programs & medical referrals, Kelly continues to prove that Pilates can be a viable form of exercise for anyone transitioning from Physical Therapy back into any fitness arena.

Kelly holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Southwest Missouri University and is a graduate of the STOTT PILATES® International Certification Program with specialty certifications in Lumbo-pelvic stabilization and Knee Stabilization. She also obtained a certificate from Mini-Med School at Washington University – St. Louis and is a certified Level I LeMond Cycling instructor.

Ideal client/class participant: One who is enthusiastic about challenging themselves while respecting their personal strengths and limitations.
The most important thing I would want a new client to know about me: I’ve injured just about every single body part and I’m still going strong! While I respect pain and injury, I do not let it define me.
My Go-to workout song: Coming from such a broad background, I’m into all music. Anything with heavy percussion gets me motivated. From the 1940’s brass section, African drums or Top 40’s dance – a heavy bass line will get me moving!

Additional Info: I believe in the social aspect of exercise. Working out with friends is just more fun AND more effective because you’re more likely to stick with it. That’s why I take a vested interest in getting to know my clients on a personal basis and strive to make all of my class’s fun yet focused and appropriately challenging.

Photo: Kelly Rue

“Winners never cheat and cheaters never win.”


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts from Southwest Missouri University


  • Fully Certified Stott Pilates Instructor – 16 years, Specialty certification in Post-Rehabilitation of Pelvic-Lumbo and Knee Stabilization – 10 years , BFA in dance performance -20 years teaching/performing dance. Level 1 LeMond Indoor Cycling instructor.