Ellie Sertic

Favorite Workout: I love workouts that challenge me and mixing it up is key! My favorite workouts include Pilates, Yoga, HIIT, Walking, running and dancing.

Favorite time of day to workout: Anytime I can workout outdoors in the sunshine is the perfect time!

Describe your ideal client/class participant: My ideal client/class participant is someone who likes a challenge but also likes to have fun; Someone who is motivated about getting fit and healthy but doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

What is the most important thing you would want a new client/class participant to know about you? I want people to have fun while they workout. If it’s not fun, then don’t do it! I always push my classes and clients to do their best. They might not like it during the workout, but if they can say it was a great fun workout after, then I’ve done my job! There are so many workout options out there that if you don’t like what you are doing then find something that you do like. If it’s not an enjoyable experience, then you will have trouble with committing to the process.

What is your “go to” workout song? Anything 80’s!


  • B.A. in Communications/Public Relations from Purdue University
  • American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer