Aisha Khan

Nickname: Depends on the moment

Favorite Workout: Running and training on a punching bag
Favorite time of day to work out: Mid-day (has to be at least 65 degrees)
Describe your ideal client/class participant: Someone who gives off good energy that I can feed off of when I am teaching. It shows me that they are there for a reason; they are serious about their work out and when they leave they know they worked hard.

What is the most important thing you would want a new client/class participant to know about you? I’m a motivator, sometimes it may come off as pushy but my goal is to make your time spent in my class worthwhile.

What is your “go to” workout song? Anything by Michael Jackson
Additional info: I like my cycling/work out music loud and heart thumping.

Photo: Aisha Khan


  • Mad Dogg Spinning and trained in CPR/AED